The Slow Show -SOLD OUT-


The Slow Show haven't been heard from for some time. Since the release of the last record "Dream Darling" almost three years have passed. But now the quartet from Manchester has finished their studio work on a new album and is about to end the self-chosen silence.

But one should not be deceived by the origin: Seldom musicians from the area sounded so little like Great Britain and Britpop or Warehouse. Not for nothing is the band name derived from a song by The National. The epic sound, which has something of Neil Young, Wilco, Bon Iver or even The National, also comes from American models. With their songs about love and death they have already brought the loudest audience to astonished and reverent silence. The baritone of singer Rob Goodwin merges with the band, with the string and brass arrangements and everything becomes a dynamic unity in the increasing pieces.

Doors: 6 p.m.
Concert: 7 p.m