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Films from the Farm
open air screening

Canadian filmmaker Philip Hoffman (1955) sees himself as a diary filmmaker. He wants to make it possible to experience how the past lives in the present - digital meets analog, fiction meets documentation. Since his childhood he has been interested in photography and cinema and the question of reality in film. Today Hoffman teaches at York University (Toronto) at the Department of Cinema & Media Arts. 
Since the late 1990s, he has also led an "independent imaging retreat" every summer at his house in Mount Forest, the so-called Film Farm. The claim here is a practical and technical approach to film, far removed from the costly and hierarchical approach of the industry. Hoffman's around 25 films have received numerous awards at international festivals and have been shown and discussed in several retrospectives and critical monographs. 

Minus Chris Chong Canada 1999 digital file 3 min 
Scratch Deirdre logue Canada 1998 digital file 3 min
chants des Mouches John Greyson Canada 2009 digital file 10 min
Crashing Skies Penny McCann Canada 2012 digital file 5 min
Demi Monde Caroline Monnet Canada 2013 digital file 4 min
A Day in the Shint clint Enns Canada 2013 digital file 3 min
Vulture Philip Hoffman Canada 2019 digital file 57 min

with Philip Hoffman in person

MARS Garten
starts:21:30 Uhr 
tickets: €6,–

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