Third Culture Kids - Schreiben zwischen den Kulturen


»Third Culture Kids« are authors who have changed countries in their formative years as children or adolescents. For Kaveh Akbar, who was born in Tehran and grew up in the USA, poetry is a means of positioning himself in the world. Michel Faber, author of nine novels, born in the Netherlands in 1960, grew up on the outskirts of Melbourne and now lives in Scotland. Chibundu Onuzo grew up in Nigeria and moved to London at the age of 14. The research program of the »Temporal Communities« Cluster of Excellence, which began its work at the beginning of 2019, also focuses on the transcultural interweaving of literature. The writers engage in an exchange with members of the cluster as they pose questions about belonging, self-perception, and the perception of others, as well as literary writing between cultures.

With Kaveh Akbar [Iran/ USA], Lindsey Drury [USA/ D], Michel Faber [NL/ UK], Dustin Breitenwischer [D], Chibundu Onuzo [NGA/ UK]