Julia Kadel Trio


Julia Kadel Trio announces their third album for September 6th and proudly presents themselves with MPS - Music as their new label partner. The German traditional label has brought a new act on board, which doesn't feel obliged to emulate the great name of jazz history, but which is completely in the present. Dynamic and unconventional, authentic. Because the three self-confident "Freigeister mit großen Klangfantasie" (AZ) pursue their eight-year common playing experience, their peculiarities here consistently further. They are bursting with new ideas, "original timbres (...) on the fine line between harmony and atonality" (FAZ). Kadel and her companions Steffen Roth (drums) and Karl-Erik Enkelmann (bass) go one step further this time in living their reality in music. Recognition and tailwind also come from the Initiative Musik, which will support the trio in many ways this year.

Julia Kadel - piano / Composition
Steffen Roth - drums
Karl-Erik Enkelmann - double bass

Doors: 7pm
Start: 8pm


presented by ASK HELMUT