RundfunkchorLounge: Spice Girls


The second RundfunkchorLounge of the season welcomes to a new evening with unexpected music and stimulating conversations in a relaxed atmosphere - where the singers can show themselves musically from surprisingly different sides for once.

This lounge leads to the Spice Girls - and thus not only to the English popular pop troupe that stirred up the music scene in the 1990s, but also to all those female composers and artists who have conquered their place in male-dominated music history over the past centuries and without whom it would be much poorer. And what is the situation today? These and other questions will be explored in the lounge, which will be moderated by a strong woman: Gayle Tufts. Before and after the programme there will be the opportunity for further discussions over a glass of wine and lounge sounds from DJ Malfatti.

Wednesday, January 22
Doors: 6.30pm / Start: 7.30pm
Tickets only at the box office: seat 28 €, standing room and seat cushion 18 € 

more information from the organizer: RundfunkchorLounge