Anna Webber Septet // TRAINING feat. John Dieterich und Isil Karatas

Jazzfest Berlin – New York

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Anna Webber Septet // TRAINING feat. John Dieterich und Işıl Karataş

Anna Webber specialises in arrangements full of contrasting impulses and textures. Developed in a transatlantic dialogue and premiered in Berlin, TRAINING and John Dieterich trace sublime musical moments in concise snippets of everyday sounds.


Jazzfest Berlin 2020

Since it was held for the first time in 1964, Jazzfest Berlin has been a platform for musicians from around the world. Over the years it has enjoyed particularly close links with musicians from the USA. In this year full of social challenges and political unrest – and only a few days after the presidential election in the US – Jazzfest Berlin will build upon this transatlantic dialogue in defiance of the Coronavirus crisis and place the creative centres of New York and Berlin at the heart of its 57th edition.

Start: 7 p.m.
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