Jack Garratt *sold out*


"Jack, how many hands do you actually have," was a YouTube comment under a live performance by Garratt in 2015, when the Brit suddenly became the talk of town with songs like Weathered and Worry. Anyone who has seen him live knows how that is meant. Garratt usually brings his irresistible style mix of Indie, R'n'B and Pop on stage all by himself. He plays keyboards, operates a sample deck, plays drum beats live every now and then, shows his guitar skills again and again and sings with a voice that covers everything from careful crooning to bright, smooth soul vocals. And he also has a sense of humour in all this. He proves this on his social media channels, for example, where he parries the questions about the album successor to Phase from 2016 with British understatement and charming wit. By now we know that there will indeed be a new album. With the new songs Jack is coming to Berlin and Cologne for two shows.

Saturday, March 7
Doors: 7pm/ Start: 8pm
Tickets: 23 €

The tickets for Jack Garratt are sold exclusively personalized. Personalized means that each ticket is bound to only one person who is mentioned by name on it. This person is the holder of the visiting rights and only this person is allowed to enter the event. There is a limit of 6 tickets per customer.