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Intimate, touching, authentic and profound: Meadows reveals his inner life. Sometimes gloomy, sometimes hopeful, but always full of life and emotion.

Fingerstyle guitarist and songwriter Christoffer Wadensten was born and raised in the small town of Söderköping on the east coast of Sweden. For the last few years he has travelled the world under the pseudonym Meadows, filling and enchanting numerous clubs and living rooms with his introspective, acoustic music. His music unites people, turns strangers into friends and fans who find refuge and trust in his music.

His first EP The Only Boy Awake was released in 2016 by the German label What We Call Records. The title track was included in the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why. Meanwhile, Meadows can boast over 30 million streams.

The title of Meadows' new album - The Emergency Album - is inspired by the American lyricist Frank O'Hara. It tells of the ability to grasp and feel an emotional state during an emergency. The album marks a turning point in Wadensten's life and makes room for a new cycle in his music: profound, sad and beautiful at the same time.

Nothing is sampled or programmed here. The arrangements range from simple guitar and voice to deep, detailed songs. One could call Wadensten a "Mad Professor" in the studio, who creates timelessly beautiful musical works with acoustic instruments and analog synthesizers.

The Emergency Album will be released on March 27 by the New York label AntiFragile Music

presented by ASK HELMUT

Sunday, May 25
Doors: 7 pm / Start: 8 pm