arsenal 4 at silent green

Installation works

Arsenal - Institute for Film and Video Art shows changing installative works from various Forum Expanded programmes in cooperation with silent green Film Feld Forschung. The selection of works was inspired by 2026, a work by the artist Maha Maamoun from 2010, which will also be screened at the Betonhalle for three months. Since June 4th, another work is being presented every 14 days.
The first one to be shown was Ayoung Kim's 2019 POROSITY VALLEY 2: TRICKSTERS’ PLOT, followed by AAPOTHKALIN TRIKALIKA THE KALI OF EMERGENCY by Ashish Avikunthak, ESCAPE FROM MY EYES by Felipe Bragança, 'ABL MA 'ANSA / BEFORE I FORGET by Mariam Mekiwi,  THERE IS SOMETHING IN THE AIR by Iram Ghufran and IN THE FUTURE THEY ATE FROM THE FINEST PORCELAIN by Larissa Sansour. The last work to be shown is now ASSEMBLAGES by Angela Melitopoulos & Maurizio Lazzarato  More about the programme

August 28 to September 6

ASSEMBLAGES    Angela Melitopoulos & Maurizio Lazzarato   D 2010   OV with English Subtitles 60'  
ASSEMBLAGES is an audiovisual research project about Félix Guattari and his revolutionary psychiatric practice, his political activism as well as his ideas concerning ecosophy and his interest in animism.
The installation presents excerpts from documentaries, essay-films, radio interviews, conversations with friends and colleagues of Guattari, and material on the clinic La Borde in France and institutional psychotherapy including films by Fernand Deligny, Renaud Victor, François Pain and others, as well as new material produced in Brazil in the course of the research.
Presented as a triptych of differently sized screens, the installation refers to ideas of movement and gravity eminent in the cartographies of animistic art as well as to concepts of the immaterial in Asiatic art. Each screen intensifies a modality of the senses: seeing, hearing, reading. The montage of the archival material is conceived as a mirror to Guattari‘s concept of the assemblage, which is also a main topic throughout the installation.

May, 30 - September, 6
Thursday to Sunday, 1:30 - 5:30 pm
Entrance free