Female To Empower: Katharina Ernst (live), Touch The Sound (Screening)

Concert, Talk, Screening

8 pm, Concert
Katharina Ernst

9 pm, Talk
Katharina Ernst im Gespräch mit Diana McCarty

9.30 pm, Film
Touch The Sound – A Sound Journey With Evelyn Glennie



8 pm, Concert

Katharina Ernst

Born 1987 in Vienna, Katharina Ernst is a fine arts/painting graduate. She started playing the drums at age nine. Her major interests in drumming are poly-rhythmical, poly-metrical, odd and chaotic structures, understanding reduction as a means of approaching complexity. 
Her artistic practice is richly varied, taking in various forms of performance, choreography, and visual art along the way. She’s performed and exhibited in a massive array of countries and spaces. Previous musical collaborations include the likes of Ken Vandermark, Peter Kutin, Chicks on Speed, dieb13, Christina Kubisch, Martin Siewert.


9 pm, Talk

Katharina Ernst in conversation with Diana McCarty

Women cannot play the drums - a prejudice that has long been refuted. A more exciting topic of conversation with Katharina Ernst are therefore drum compositions, polymetrics, polyrhythmics and inspirations.


9.30 pm, Screening

Touch The Sound – A Sound Journey With Evelyn Glennie

(R: Thomas Riedelsheimer, Germany/United Kingdom, 2004, 99 min.)

Touch the sound: This is how the British drummer and percussionist Evelyn Glennie describes her hearing, because after she lost most of her hearing as a child, she learned to hear differently and to use her body as a resonating space. The starting point of Evelyn Glennie's filmic journey of sound, which Thomas Riedelsheimer accompanies on film, are the noises, sounds and rhythms of our everyday life. From there the path leads deeper, to the origin of sound and to the exploration of rhythm as the basis of every form of life.


About Diana McCarty

Diana McCarty lives and works in Berlin. She is a founding editor of the free artists radio, reboot.fm and a co-founder of the faces-l mailing list. She is a founding member of the radia.fm network of cultural radios. As a cyberpunk in the 90s, McCarty was active in netzkultur working with metaforum and net.art among others. Her work revolves around art, gender, politics, and technology. McCarty has a long term interest in radical feminists.


About Female To Empower

Female composers, DJs and producers have always been part of the musical present. However, in the great, male-dominated narratives of music history they are still hardly mentioned today. The concert and film series Female to Empower therefore wants to tell the barely heard small and big stories of music from an exclusively female perspective.

To this end, Female to Empower combines music documentaries with live concerts and talks not only in order to provide a historical-documentary retrospective, but also to take a contemporary look at the musical work of women* in popular music.


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