New German Voices: Christian Schulteisz "Wense" & Zaia Alexander "Erdbeebenwetter"

Lesung I internationales literaturfestival berlin

Two debuts about life on the wrong track: Christian Schulteisz tells the story of a highly gifted misfit, based on the character Hans Jürgen von der Wense. »A precise, sometimes funny, but always exciting depiction of a free spirit in unfree times« [hr2 culture]. In »Erdbebenwetter«, Zaia Alexander describes life in L.A., away from Hollywood, where her protagonist Lou is introduced to the mysterious world of witches. »At last: a modern witch novel! Zaia Alexander writes thrillingly and insightfully about encounters with people whose words so profoundly hit the core of our being, it feels as if we had been waiting to hear them all our life.« [Denis Scheck]

The event is held in German.

Special: New German Voices
 Thorsten Dönges
Price 10 Euros / reduced 6