Moa Romanova: Identikid, Aisha Franz: Shit Is Real

Lesung I internationales literaturfestival berlin


Moa is in her mid-20s and oscillates between a hunger for life and depression. She matches with a television celebrity on Tinder and, although they only meet once, digital exchanges help her out of the crisis. With a clear stroke and quirky humor, »Moa Romanova not only makes an impressive debut, but has also – as her success shows – hit a nerve with the times and her generation.« [SRF]


When Selma is abandoned by her boyfriend, she decides to start over. She moves into her own apartment and quits her job. But the search for a place in life is more difficult than expected. Set in a futuristic world, the graphic novel tells a story of societal expectations and personal voids. »A wise and fun journey through loneliness and confusion.« [The Guardian]

The event is held in English.

Special: Graphic Novel Day
Host Lilian Pithan
Price 6 Euros / reduced 3

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