"all the lonely people" Event

Performance and Guided Tour

1 pm Introspective Affairs by Hatifnatten (Ute Wassermann & Sabine Vogel)

Breathing, singing, whistling, fluting. Sounds get modulated and transformed and are allowed to wander. In this duo the musicians explore the similarities of their instruments: the flute, the instrument closest to the voice, is played by Sabine Vogel and often sonically extended by singing, whispering and various vocal percussion sounds. Ute Wassermann, in turn, masks her polyphonic singing with various kinds of whistles. In this way, a hybrid vocal instrument with changing, swirling, trilling, shrilling, breathing, and singing timbres is created.

The musicians become a body of sound, the inside is brought to the outside - the outside to the inside, and is thus in a constant exchange with each other: Introspective Affairs.

2 pm Curator's tour

The exhibition, curated by Nana Bahlmann, examines the ancient figure of the hermit against the backdrop of the current pandemic. In doing so, the artworks take up traditional motifs associated with hermitage – retreat into nature, contemplation, and the dualities of inside and outside, exchange and silence, exclusion and trauma – and apply them to some of today’s urgent questions. They offer new perspectives on loneliness in the digital age, off-grid self-sufficiency, and imaginary places of refuge in the midst of gentrification and systemic oppression.

Sunday, October 10
Start: 1 pm
Entrace with exhibition ticket