Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic the concert unfortunately has to be rescheduled again. A new date will be announced as soon as possible. Already purchased tickets keep their validity. If you have any questions regarding the return of tickets, please contact your ticketing office.

Mira Lu Kovacs (voice) Benny Omerzell (piano) Manu Mayr (double bass) Martin Eberle (trumpet) Andreas Lettner (drums)

5K HD consumes and gives birth to itself. Known for its computerless electronica, the band now goes purely acoustic: Creation Eats Creator takes "unplugged" to a whole new level. The labyrinths of their songs are transformed into hypervisible works of avant-garde pop art; never before has it been so easy to see what you're hearing. Anchored by tight broken-beat grooves, experimental sounds emerge from the darkness to envelop the listener. Creation Eats Creator is the decoding, the full disclosure, the pure signal: acoustic, apocalyptic, intimate, dramatic, dissociated. Creation Eats Creator floats in the ether, looking down at the Earth and asking: what does it all have to do with me? Together with 5K HD, we wait for the end...but there's light in the tunnel.

Tuesday, October 12
Start: 8 pm