Radical Sounds Latin America Festival 2021

Exhibition, concerts and performances

Radical Sounds Latin America is a Berlin-based festival that showcases innovative talents from Latin America and the diaspora working in the fields of sound, performance and theory. The 3rd edition of the festival is a hybrid format and for the first time also hosted at silent green with concerts, a dance performance and an exhibition.


4 pm - 10 pm Exhibition: Cuando el silencio estalla, todas las formas coexisten
Organized by Dalís Pacheco, Ivonne Sheen and Lucía Alfaro. With the participation of: Sharon Mercado, Eli Wewentxu, Alexander Caballero, Pierina Másquez, María Dominguez, José María Egusquiza, Soma Publicaciones, Fortuna Estudio, Taller Helios, among others.

7 – 9.30 pm Opening concerts
Daniela Huerta (hybrid live set)
Isabel Lewis (live set)
Laura Robles presents Antigroove

10 – 11.50 pm
Hermanas Brujas by KDV DANCE ENSEMBLE with Kelman Duran
Direction: Kianí del Valle.
Live music score: Kelman Duran.
Choreography: Kiani del Valle
In collaboration with performers: Shannon Leypoldt, Annalise Van Even, Dana Pajarillaga, Alison Adnet and Dafni Krazoudi
Show I 10 – 10.40 pm Tickets
Show II 11.10 – 11.50 pm Tickets

Thursday, November 18
4 -– 10 pm exhibition with pre-registration
7 pm concerts I doors: 30 min. before