Ryan O'Reilly


Ryan O'Reilly from Winchester, UK, is a songwriter whose Irish heritage and English upbringing make him a passionate storyteller. His meandering journey began with gigs at open-mics in Toronto as a teenager, a poetry degree in Dublin and a street gig on London's Portobello Road. With DIY band tours across Europe and North America, Ryan began to make a name for himself and fans. In 2018 and 2019, Ryan toured Europe with his future songwriting partner Hayley Reardon from Boston, after the two met in a guitar shop in Nashville. Ryan released his first two full-length albums on Qatar's first indie label and recorded a new album during the lockdown with producers David Granshaw and Spencer Cullum Jr. Ryan has also written songs with other artists, released in 2021 with British band Flyte (Trying To Break Your Heart), Belarusian duo Naviband (Girl In White) and German duo Amistat (Still Alive).

+ Support: Hayley Reardon (USA), Naviband (Belarus)

Friday, November 26
Doors: 6.30 pm / Start: 7.30 pm