Nancy Mounir: “Nozhet El Nofous (Those who were not invited)”

Jazzfest Berlin 2021: Scenes of Now

Egyptian violinist Nancy Mounir has spent five years researching female Egyptian singers from the 1920s. These artists often worked with tuning systems outside of the dominant scales in the Arabic mainstream, and their gender and artistic choices left them uninvited from the influential 1932 Congress of Arab Music in Cairo.

Followed by a Listening Session with Judith Hamann, Maurice Louca and Uygur Vural

Jazzfest Berlin 2021: Scenes of Now

After a digital New York-Berlin edition in the first year of the pandemic, Jazzfest Berlin 2021 traces the paths of improvised music to three more cultural hubs: Cairo, São Paulo and Johannesburg. Together with local partners, the festival team has developed a diverse programme of partly pre-produced, partly live concert formats that showcase the musicality, innovative power and affinity with interdisciplinary experimentation of the respective creative music scenes as well as the specific places they occupy in between a global jazz canon and their own region’s rich musical heritage.

Sunday, November 7
Start: 11 am
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