Open House with Winter Market 2021

Pretty & Delicious things / Children's Programme / Music / Films and more

On the second weekend of Advent, the silent green community of tenants opens its doors and warmly invites you to take part in our winter market. At all kinds of booths, both inside and outside, you can get to know and take home delicious and beautiful things from the house and the neighbourhood, collect gift ideas, watch children's cinema, listen to concerts and DJ sets, make something yourself, or simply enjoy one or two pre-Christmas treats outside by the fire bowl or inside in the warmth.

On both days, the Kino Arsenal offers children from the age of 6 the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of film: On Saturday, the composer and silent film pianist Eunice Martins invites you to a sound workshop. Afterwards, two films with Laurel & Hardy will be shown, which will be scored live by the participants. On Sunday, filmmakers Ute Aurand and Robert Beavers will present a children's cinema programme of short experimental films.

Musical highlights on Saturday in our Betonhalle will be a couple of DJ sets by silent green tenants and, starting at 6 p.m., live concerts by former Musicboard Berlin scholarship holders.

And at the end of this fortunately again somewhat culturally rich year, we look back on our Derek Jarman exhibition The Garden. Cinematics of the Soil, which took place this summer. On Sunday evening, starting at 6 pm, the curatorial team will present the complete exhibition catalogue that is now being published as part of the project, followed by a reading by the participating filmmaker Philip Scheffner, and we will once again show Jarman's film The Garden, which wanders between dream and reality, idyll and pain, beauty and transience.


Saturday, December 12

2 pm–8 pm: market and DJ-sets by FINK and !K7 Music Team

2 pm / 3 pm: Historic tour (60 minutes respectively  / a registration is necessary)

3 pm: Arsenal presents "Großes Kino, kleines Kino“: sound workshop for children with composer and silent film pianist Eunice Martins (for children from the age of 6 / registration is requested. However, spontaneous participants are also warmly welcome.)

4 pm: Arsenal presents: films with Laurel & Hardy, scored by the participants of the sound workshop Eunice Martins at the piano

5.30 pm: Musicboard presents: concert ROSEMARINE

6.45 pm: Musicboard presents: concert Steve Mekoudja

Sunday, December 5

noon - 6 pm: market and workshops

noon / 1 pm: Historic tour (60 minutes respectively / a registration is necessary)

4 pm: Arsenal presents "Großes Kino, kleines Kino“: Ute Aurand and Robert Beavers present experimental short films (for children from the age of 6)

6 pm: Catalogue presentation. Reading and film screening of The Garden in the Kuppelhalle


Live screen printing, graphics, prints, analogue photography among others by STATTLAB & friends, Hand-woven things by handgewebt in berlin, Pinhole camera photos by Dagie Brundert, art calender and originals by Tiger Stangl and Ian Joyce, silk design by Melasilk, books by Interkontinental Buchhandlung and Archive Books, vinyls by !K7 Music, Screening Best of Pictoplasma 2021 and also merch and publications by the silent green tenant-community.

Plus warm treats and culinary delights to take away by MARS I Küche & Bar, Weck die Heimat, Backen & Schnacken, Wild Food Collective and Friends, Chin Chin Weinstudio, SuperCoop

Saturday, December 4 - Sunday, December 5
Start at Saturday: 2 pm
Start at Sunday: noon
Betonhalle, Kuppelhalle, lawn in front of silent green
Admission to all parts of the programme is free