Catch-up date for cancelled concert from July 7, 2020

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic the concert unfortunately has to be rescheduled again. New date is November 10, 2021. Already purchased tickets keep their validity.

If you have any questions regarding the return of tickets, please contact your ticketing office or the local promoter Greyzone Concerts.


Low Roar - the musical vision of Ryan Karazija - accompanies moments of loneliness with icy modern pop hymns. Ryan has made it a habit to document his life in honest songs that can swell the mind or break the heart at any time. As a songwriter, Karazija has always understood that it is far from contradictory to universality to honour one's own experiences as unwaveringly as possible.

Wednesday, March 3
Doors: 7 p.m.
Concert: 8 p.m.