Annelie + Carlos Cipa

Picnic concert - **MOVED to Kuppelhalle**

**Due to the persistent rain, the concert will be moved to our beautiful Kuppelhalle. The concert will take place indoors, seated, with enough space and a ventilation system. 

Carlos Cipa
The art of composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer Carlos Cipa lives from the freedom of the spaces in between. Clear in their structures and fine in their details, Cipa's sound architectures bring together small, delicate settings that create dynamic, almost cinematic after-effects. It is a good thing that the Munich-based artist is one of the busiest sound artists in the country. His music can be found on recordings, on stage, in film, dance and theatre.

Dutch songwriter Annelie explores her solo work within the confines of a single instrument: the piano. This allows her to show her purest, most open self. And strangely enough, Annelie has received many stories from people listening to her songs that evoke the exact same feeling she had when she first wrote them. It's an eerie, yet comforting confirmation that music can create a universal transmission.

Doors: 6.00 pm
Start: 7.30 pm

Funded by NEUSTART KULTUR, Initiative Musik and die Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien (BKM)