THE GARDEN: Kiss the Moment, it’s Not a Pyramid!

Walk & Open-air Screening

Over the course of many days, Dagie Brundert is out and about on the silent green grounds, taking pinhole camera photos in the garden. Negatives. One every now and then. With her trusty, much- travelled Illy coffee can, she lets chance and mood guide her, looking for spots where beauty beats banality by a mile to capture just one moment. For a few seconds. The developed images are returned to their place of origin, hung up there and they remain there until they are destroyed, soaked or weathered - kiss the moment, it's not a pyramid!
From 4 pm on, Dagie Brundert invites you to walk around the site with her and talk about phenols, transits, bio-brew, black and white development, compost and split molecules.
Starting at 9.30 she will be showing some of her short films, developed in different plant soups, including Patthorster Waldgeist (1.21 min), Magnolia (1.09 min), Yksi Kaksi Kolme (3.03 min), Mjuk (1.46 min), Smilestone and the Sea (3.32 min), Kartoffel (3.05 min), I see the Tree and the Tree sees me (2.25 min), Salt eats Film (58 seconds)

Walk through the grounds of silent green
silent green garden 
from 4 pm onwards

Open-air Screening
silent green courtyard
9.30 pm