Crematorium 2

Perfomance as part of transmediale out of doors

In North Belfast the ghost of a headless horseman still haunts the streets, as the dead in the graveyard gossip and feud in the dirt. Reflecting on the legacy of colonial rule in Ireland, Jennifer Mehigan’s newest performance Creamatorium 2 explores the graveyard garden as a space of Irish refusal and resistance. Fragments of suppressed queer histories, literary references from a banned Irish novel Cré na Cille are assembled alongside sculptures of otherworldly horses, soil and non-humans. Taking place at dusk in the garden of silent green, Creamatorium 2 is performed for the first time in Berlin by Dylan Kerr, and weaves through subterranean worlds, to find allies in North Belfast equine apparitions, the soil, the dead, and the internet.

The performance is the third part of the Creamatorium series and is presented together with the second part, the film A Paradise Out of A Common Field by Bassam Al-Sabah and Jennifer Mehigan as part of transmediale out of doors. The film explores the colonial history of the Irish cemetery and its relationship to intergenerational trauma.

The programme out of doors brings together film, music, performance and talks that explore the aesthetics and politics of refusal and runs from 19 to 23 August at Haus der Kulturen der Welt and silent green.

Lawn in front of silent green 
8.30 pm
Free admission / Pre-registration is requested