Attila Csihar (live) + ARA - short film

live performance & filmscreening 

A project by Elena Sinanina and Attila Csihar

Doors: 6.00 pm
Start: 6.30 pm

The project ARA (Latin: “Altar”) explores the phenomenal constitution of the altar and other artworks of antiquity located on Berlin's Museum Island and honours their distinctiveness in a ritual act. The ritual act is based on the ancient tradition of LUSTRATIO, a procession intended to restore the social and symbolic balance and purify through sacrifice. A priest (Attila Csihar) leads the procession, a woman (Maria Buzhor) follows him.

The epilogue takes place in the theatre: Based on the story of the Russian clergyman Grigory Rasputin (Arion Csihar), the question arises of a redressing the historic injustice that befell the clergyman on the threshold of the greatest transformation of the 20th century.

Accompanied by a sound composition, a video documents the encounter of the two priests with the historical places, which also become protagonists.

On Aug. 6th, 2021, the project will be performed live for the first time in the Kuppelhalle (Cupola Hall) of Silent Green. The film screening will be followed by a performance by Attila Csihar adapted to this distinctive place. Formerly used as a mourning hall in the former crematorium Wedding, the octagonal Cupola Hall was a place of encounter and farewell, but also of appreciation of life and its regularities. The architecture and interior of the Kuppelhalle cite ancient temple buildings and, with the use of sacred geometries and the variation of the numerical units 8-4-3-10, refer to the themes of infinity, transformation and new beginnings in a higher order.

Internationally known and acclaimed for his work in the metal formations Mayhem, Sunn O))), Tormentor and others, singer and vocalist Attila Csihar is working here on an interdisciplinary project development for the first time at the theatre. His two children, Arion Csihar and Julia Csihar, are also involved in the production.

The project sees Csihar deepening his interest in ritual traditions and his connection to the theatricality often attributed to his performances.

In the film: Attila Csihar, Maria Buzhor; Arion Csihar, Julia Csihar
Voice and sounds: Attila Csihar
Concept and Artistic Direction: Elena Sinanina
Curatorial Advisor: Christian Morin
Cinematographer and Editor: Kathrin Krottenthaler
Additional Camera: Mathias Klütz
Drone Camera Operator: Judit Fruzsina Jesse
Video Operator: Benjamin Hartlöhner
Sound Design: Christopher von Nathusius
Sound Engineering: Michele Gambarara, Klaus Dobbrick
Boom Operator: Jonathan Hamann
Costumes: Costume Department, Volksbühne Berlin
Make-up: Ilona Siefert, Spyridon Prosoparis
Props Department: Eike Grögel, Franziska Rommel
Lighting: David Winter, Johannes Zotz
Stage Management: Jan Krüger, Andreas Speichert
Production: Volksbühne Berlin.
Performing rights: Elena Sinanina

Kindly supported by the Collegium Hungaricum Berlin

Filmstills: Kathrin Krottenthaler

Friday, August 6, 2021