Dead On Arrival: DIE MUTTER

Concert and Release-Party

PHØNIX16 present their latest project and the work of the last months in an open concert with a release party

DIE MUTTER is a juxtaposition of the musical, but also real, portrayal of women in music, and the consequences of linguistic definition for society.

Patriarchy and the resulting oppression of women have shaped and eroded Western society for over 2000 years. The struggle against this inequality is also immanent in the music industry. Would a fundamental reform of the languages that continue to reflect this disparity be the first step towards improvement? Can the situation change at all without reform? What does this reformed language sound like?

DIE MUTTER is a reflection of gender roles in music and an attempt at their practical abolition by musical means, or simply: the mother of all concerts.

With works by Domenico Scarlatti, Marina Poleukhina, Dieter Schnebel, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Philipp Hartmann and many more.

PHØNIX16: voices and objects
Timo Kreuser: artistic direction 
Simon Scriba: organ
Marina Poleukhina: composition and performance 

September 23 
Ticket sale on site, pre-registration until the day of the concert at:
sozi 5€ / red. 10€ / norm. 15€ / soli. 20€