Phillip Sollmann & Konrad Sprenger: Modular Organ System

exhibition with daily performative interventions – CTM Festival 2022

MODULAR MUSIC by singuhr – projekte presents three works in the liminal zone where concert, installation, environment and performance meet. All three works are conceived as modular artistic platforms, which stand as prime examples for novel hybrid forms of music and art production that transcend boundaries and genres. The first project of the series – the Modular Organ System from Phillip Sollmann and Konrad Sprenger – will take place in co-operation with CTM Festival 2022 in the Betonhalle at silent green. Since 2017, with their Modular Organ System the two Berlin-based musicians and composers have been developing a modular, spatially expansive sound installation based on organ pipes that places the know-how of organ construction, the product of centuries of experience, into relation with contemporary concepts, technologies and materials. For MODULAR MUSIC, the Modular Organ System will now be opened up to be experienced by a broad audience – situationally, for listeners/viewers to walk through, and performatively, through live performances and interventions. Diverse artists have been invited to collaborate in the scope of the installation for each exhibition day: Swedish composer and sound artist Ellen Arkbro, drummer and percussionist Will Guthrie, whose roots are in improvisation and free jazz, the composer, guitarist and label head Stephen O’Malley, together with electronic musician and organist Kali Malone, as well as composer and sound artist Arnold Dreyblatt and the newly formed brass ensemble Brass Abacus (featuring Robyn Hayward on tuba, Henrik Nørstebø on trombone and M.O. Abbott on bass trombone).

Performative interventions in the installation will alternate between acts performed by Sollmann and Sprenger and actions by the invited artists. The programme will change on a daily basis. The sonorous acoustic qualities of the Concrete Hall at silent green serve both as backdrop and source of musical/sonic inspiration. Over the duration of the exhibition, the transitional periods between installation and performance will also remain open to visitors. Thus, the Modular Organ System will remain in operation over the entire running time of the presentations, as a large-scale creative laboratory, while continually alternating between installative and concert situations, repeatedly combining the two in new ways. Audience members will have the opportunity to attend the performative sound installation for a one-hour slot.

Line-Up performative interventions:

26.1. Phillip Sollmann & Konrad Sprenger
27.1. Will Guthrie
28.1. Phillip Sollmann & Konrad Sprenger
29.1. Kali Malone & Stephen O'Malley
30.1. Phillip Sollmann & Konrad Sprenger

Photography: © Volker Crone & Philip Sollmann

Wednesday, January 26 – Sunday, January 30
4pm – 10pm daily

Some notes on the event:

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