The Voice of Women mit Suraya Pakzad

Interdisciplinary performance

On the occasion of International Girls' Day on 11 October 2022, the performance collective Heads & Voices, together with Suraya Pakzad, would like to draw attention to the continuing dramatic situation of women in Afghanistan and call for donations.

The Voice of Women is an experimental performance with language and painting, as well as cello and electronic sound. It portrays five women who are brave enough to dedicate their lives to equality, respect and freedom. The current situation in Afghanistan shows us more than ever how urgent it is to deal with these issues.

Ahead, Suraya Pakzad, the well-known and persecuted women's rights activist in Afghanistan, will speak about the current lives of women in Afghanistan. Donations can be made this evening. 100% of these go directly to projects for emergency relief and education for women in Afghanistan via the Voice of Women Foundation. The Voice of Women Foundation (VOW) helps girls around the world get an education, taking them off the streets to save them from poverty and forced prostitution. Kerstin Plehwe, as co-founder and board member, will present it.


Spoken words: Judith Evers
Painting: Ilona Ottenbreit
Cello: Eva Freitag
Sound: Florian Tippe

Tuesday, October 11
Doors: 6 pm / Start: 7 pm
Free admission