Hyperbole Extended


HYPERBOLE EXTENDED is a performance art work presented by the FMKF collective and orchestrated by Franka Marlene Foth. The piece is conceived as a synergy between dancers, sound and audience and focuses on the visual and auditory experience. The poetic logic created through intuitive work, in which dance as an individual narrative raises the viewer to the same emotional level as that of the artists, allows the poetry of dance to flow, as well as the expressivity and strength of the dancers to become visible. The piece implicitly raises the question of identity. The choreography becomes a tool for individual storytelling without limiting the viewers imagination to preconceived notions. Dance is cathartic and finds its own unique narrative while serving as a language for those who perform it.

The dancers move to the distinctive sounds of Oleg Solovey, an experimental Ukrainian artist from Kharkiv/Berlin who relies on unconventional compositional methods. Their genre-bending music combines various sonic elements into a cohesive, driving whole.

Saturday, October 15

Slot 1: Start 5 pm

Slot 2: Start 9 pm