CANCELLED – Mira Lu Kovacs x Sophe Lindinger


Unfortunately, the double concerts of Sophie Lindinger and Mira Lu Kovac planned for October cannot take place and have to be cancelled. The show on 16.10.2022 in Munich at the Milla will take place! Tickets for the remaining shows can be returned where they were purchased. New concert dates are being planned for 2023.

Mira Lu Kovacs and Sophie Lindinger are doing business together. We know the two performers together with Kerosin95 and Nastasja Ronck as the much celebrated Viennese supergroup MY UGLY CLEMENTINE. Clearly, they are much more than the main protagonists of a whole new generation of Viennese musicians. They are musically and professionally colleagues, privately friends. And it is precisely this friendship and mutual appreciation that the artists want to and will celebrate on their double solo tour. For this exclusive tour, they will enter somewhat more intimate stages and show their quieter - but not necessarily calmer - side. Minimalist, but still more than enough. Solo, accompanied by each other. Each on her own, and yet together. Alone, but not lonely!

Wednesday, October 19
Doors: 7 pm / Start: 7.30 pm