Creative Europe Innovation Day 2022


New digital technologies change how media, arts and culture are being created, distributed and perceived – they hold the promise of making art and culture more accessible to diverse audiences. At the same time, they also challenge societies by facilitating the creation of manipulative content and fake images. The Creative Europa Innovation Day 2022 will highlight international use cases focusing on the topics of “Reaching Diverse Audiences” and “Freedom of Media and Arts”. The presented projects supported by the Creative Europe Programme and beyond, will highlight innovative technologies in media, arts and culture as well as questions of accessibility and inclusion. Invited speakers amongst others: Laura Olin, ZOAN - Helsinki Metaverse, Holger Volland, CEO brand 1, David Bennett, CEO Mimic Productions and Veronika Liebl, The European ARTificial Intelligence Lab. The Creative Europe Programme offers support to the creative industries including the use of new technologies to boost the creation, production and circulation of creative works. Aditionally the new programme advocates actions to fight disinformation and secure freedom of media and arts.

The event will be held in English.

The Creative Europe Innovation Day is a joint event of Creative Europe Desk MEDIA Berlin-Brandenburg and Creative Europe Desk KULTUR Bonn.

Tuesday, October 4
Start: 1 pm