JazzKorea 2022 – Peace Out!

Concerts and workshop presentations

The 10th JazzKorea Festival will take place this year under the motto "Peace Out!". For this special anniversary, the jazz-electronic crossover quartet SB Circle with gayageum player Park Kyungso and saxophonist Shin Hyunpill will perform, as well as the jazz-pop trio led by pianist Yun Seokcheol, who has already achieved greater fame in Korea through various TV shows and diverse collaborations.

Some of the musicians from both bands were already guests at JazzKorea a few years ago, partly in other formations. At that time, however, they were still considered insider tips. Now they are on stage as renowned artists who exemplify the multifaceted and creative forms and developments that Korean jazz has taken in recent years.

The Korean jazz scene can also continue to enjoy a steady stream of "up-and-coming" young talent. This is demonstrated by the opening programme, in which the results of a Korean-German jazz workshop initiated especially for JazzKorea are presented under the direction of Kim Minchan, drummer and JazzKorea musician of the first hour.

Line Up

SB Circle

Saxophone, Synthesizer, Programming, Keyboard, Percussion: Shin Hyunpill
Gayageum: Park Kyungso
Electric & Acoustic Bass: Seo Young-do
Drums: Moran Christian Lee


SB Circle (Shin Bak Circle) is the new crossover project of saxophonist Shin Hyunpill, gayageum player Park Kyungso, bassist Seo Young-do and drummer Christian Moran. With their sound, the four highly experienced musicians create a fresh mixture of jazz, electronic and the Korean music "Gugak". The band members engage musically in a variety of ways, including free improvisation, jazz, gugak and even film music. Coming from the East Asian tradition, they strive for a universal connection through music and invite listeners to follow each member's musical journey. The group has released two albums so far: Topology (2019) and Pseudoscience (2021). The name "Shin Bak Circle" includes parts of the names of the individual band members. Shin-Bak can also be translated as "innovation".

Yun Seokcheol Trio

Piano: Yun Seokcheol
Bass: Jung Sange
Drums: Kim Yeongjin

The genre-crossing music of the Yun Seokcheol Trio fuses jazz, pop, electronics and pop ballads. His music is characterised by groove and at the same time by a sensitivity that always resonates. It is both organic and experimental. Familiar and yet new. In addition to his work as a jazz pianist, Yun Seokcheol has also collaborated a lot with pop musicians such as Zion.T, Kwon Jin-ah, Sam Kim, Baek Yerin, Paul Kim Yerin Baek and Paul Kim and has thus become known to a wider audience. The group has already released numerous albums and EPs.


Friday, 7.10. 
7 pm: Pre-programme: Workshop-Konzert 1, Leitung: Kim Minchan
8.30 pm: SB Circle

Saturday, 8.10. 
7 pm: Vorprogramm: Workshop-Konzert 2, Leitung: Kim Minchan
8.30 pm: Yun Seokcheol Trio

Friday, October 7 + Saturday, October 8
Start: 7 pm respectively
Free admission I Registration required