Wo owns the stage?

Talks & concert

At the end of the multi-year cooperation project between PODIUM Esslingen, the Kölner Philharmonie and the Muziekgebouw Eindhoven on the topic of "The Future of the Concert", young musicians and experts will pose the question: "Who owns the stage? The discursive block in the afternoon deliberately aims to show different perspectives on the highly topical subject of "Who owns the stage?" and at the same time offer space for an exchange of experiences.

After the discursive event, PODIUM Esslingen invites you to an evening of chamber music in which the 29-year-old artistic director Joosten Ellée would like to introduce the audience not only to the music that is close to his heart and that of his generation of creative festival makers, but also to the aspects that are important to him in concert design.

Tuesday, November 29
Start: 1 pm
Free admission