Pitchfork Music Festival Berlin: Nia Archives I Hawa


Unfortunately Nia Archives is no longer able to play Pitchfork Music Festival Berlin 2022 with regard to deadlines.
Tickets can be refunded via Mail - tickets(at)tickets.de.

Co-Headliner HAWA will take place in Fridays Line up at Betonhalle with I. JORDAN and Lyzza.
Doss is also no longer able to play Pitchfork Music Festival Berlin 2022.
Get your tickets here: https://p4kberlin.tickets.de/de/

Since 2006, music enthusiasts from all over the world come to the music festivals in Chicago and Paris, which were curated by Pitchfork. Berlin and London have now also recently joined on the Pitchfork map. Pitchfork Music Festival Berlin 2022 has brought together innovators, rising stars and iconic figures to celebrate berlin’s status as one of most important cities for underground culture. Musically it will be as varied as it is exciting – and the locations are also handpicked too. With the Metropol, Zenner, Festsaal Kreuzberg, Columbia Theater and the beautiful area of silent green, you can go where good and forward-looking concerts have always had their place.

Saturday, November 5
Doors: 6 pm / Start: 7.30 pm
More information here