Five Songs I Played as You Walked Into the Sea

AV music performance

Five Songs I Played as You Walked Into the Sea is an audiovisual research and experimental project in which a group of visual and performing artists* explore the ways in which a queer lover’s discourse could emerge from traditional modes of storytelling and various registers of language deeply rooted in Arab popular culture.

In this event, Mohammad Shawky Hassan, Khyam Allami, Kinda Hassan, and Amen Feizabadi share their years of research and experimentation with a wide range of Arab pop music and folktales to examine the queer potential within this material. The music is performed live with text, images and a choir that together deconstruct and transform this audio material into a contemporary fabulous musical language.

Wednesday, December 14
Doors: 7.30 pm / Start: 8 pm
Free admission I Reservation here