Xiu Xiu solo sets: Jamie Stewart & Hyunhye Seo

silent green presents

Xiu Xiu tries to make music for people opposed to and opposed by the horror and disquiet of life. And they have been doing this for over two decades, 20 albums and numerous collaborations and art projects. 

Jamie Stewart is the lead songwriter and noisemaker for the band Xiu Xiu, with his own practice as a solo musician, artist and author also developing in parallel with the band over recent years. This solo tour, Jamie's first live actions in EU for three years, sees him perform back-catalogue Xiu Xiu material in a stark, stripped-down guitar and voice idiom.

Hyunhye (Angela) Seo is an artist exploring experimental composition and expression of sound and its manifestations within space and body. Recently, her solo album, Strands, explores abstract soundscapes built with processed percussion, improvisational piano, and dark ambient material.

Wednesday, December 14
Doors: 8 pm / Start: 9 pm

A project by silent green Kulturproduktionen

Presented by Digital in Berlin

Funded by NEUSTART KULTUR, Initiative Musik und der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien (BKM)