Open House with Winter Fest

Once again, silent green invites you to an Open House weekend, with concerts and DJ sets, films, a fairy tale reading and a children's programme.

At the market you will find: graphics, prints, jewellery, ceramics, woven, crocheted, sewn and other handmade and upcycled items I books and magazines I vinyls I merch and publications by silent green tenants

We also have for you: Historical guided tours and a variety of treats from MARS I Café & Bar


Saturday, December 3
2–8 pm Market, handicrafts, culinary

1.30 pm Guided Tour (in German) I Registration is requested
2–8 pm Best Of Pictoplasma 2022 (Age 16+) I studio cinema Betonhalle
2–5 pm !K7 Music presents: DJ set Getair I foyer Betonhalle
2.30 pm Filmscreening Girls / Museum (Shelly Silver, 2020, 71’)* | Kuppelhalle
3 pm Musicboard presents: Concert Baal & Mortimer I Betonhalle
4 pm Guided Tour (in German) I Registration is requested
4 pm Musicboard presents: concert Baby Smith I Betonhalle
5–6 pm Art book presentation & fairy tale reading with Nathalie David and Hildegard Schmahl: Runges Märchen (Von dem Fischer und seiner Frau), for adults and children 7+ | Kuppelhalle (in German)
5–8 pm !K7 Music presents: DJ set Karleigh I foyer Betonhalle
6 pm silent green presents: Concert Daniela Huerta, Hybrid LIVE I Betonhalle
8 pm Filmscreening Soylent Green (Richard Fleischer, 1973, 97‘, OV with subtitles), Age 16+ I Kuppelhalle

Sunday, December 4
12 am–6 pm Market, handicrafts, culinary

12 am–6 pm Best Of Pictoplasma 2022 (Age 16+) I studio cinema Betonhalle
12 am–1.30 pm Films for children by Harun Farocki (1973–77, 35’ in loop) I Kuppelhalle
12 am–3 pm !K7 Music presents: DJ set Imad & Hot Sauce Felix I foyer Betonhalle
1 pm Musicboard presents: concert AKA KELZZ I Betonhalle
1.30 pm Guided Tour (in English) I Registration is requested
2 pm Musicboard presents: concert Wayne Snow I Betonhalle
2.30–4 pm Arsenal presents: cinema for children & sound workshop (for children from the age of 6) I Collective scoring of Le Voyage dans la Lune (Georges Méliès),  with composer and silent film pianist Eunice Martins I Kuppelhalle
3–6 pm !K7 Music presents: DJ Set Azubi Tsukino I foyer Betonhalle
4 pm Guided Tour I Registration is requested
4 pm silent green presents: Concert MimiCof, LIVE I Betonhalle
6 pm Film screening Christmas on Earth (Barbara Rubin, 1963, 29’), Age:18+ I with live-scoring of Xiu Xiu I Kuppelhalle

Betonhalle, Kuppelhalle, Ateliers, Wiese
Free admission to the whole program


Cultural programme funded by