MaerzMusik: Interpoiesis 2


Interpoiesis is a concert series that presents new projects arising from multi-generational and intersectional collaborative encounters between artists from diverse backgrounds. “Interpoiesis” denotes an interstice of co-creation, in reference to Donna Haraway’s notion of “sympoiesis” (“making-with”) as the condition of always doing in relation to other(s), the impossibility of creating anything alone.

MaerzMusik invites four constellations of artists to propose a collaborator they have not worked with before, and share their conversations and processes in and through sound and performance. The four concerts display different stages of co-creations, from finalised works to intermediary results of collaborative processes to open experimentations that challenge preconceived roles and relations within the spectrum of artistic and social practices.

Yuko Kaseki and Nguyễn + Transitory come together to explore the possibilities of sounding together through moving with one’s own body but also with the others. In their performance they will work with different materialities of copper, which they will use to transform sound and what will be heard in real time.

Nguyễn + Transitory (modular synthesizers, touch activated architecture)
mit Yuko Kaseki (performance)

Co-curated by Kamila Metwaly and Berno Odo Polzer, MaerzMusik 2022 presents a programme featuring artists and guests such as Éliane Radigue, Benjamin Patterson, Catherine Lamb, Klangforum Wien, ONCEIM and many others.

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Monday, March 21
Start: 6pm
Tickets: 15€ / reduced 12€
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