Douglas Dare


Douglas Dare tour rescheduled for 2022!

After his debut Whelm in 2014, Douglas Dare proved again in 2016 with the much darker Aforger that he knows his musical craft. Since then, things have continued to climb: in 2017, he was invited to contribute a reinterpretation of Dance Me to the End of Love to the Leonard Cohen exhibition A Crack in Everything at the Contemporary Art Museum of Montréal, currently on view at the Jewish Museum in New York, and from September 2020 at the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco. In 2018, he accepted an invitation from Robert Smith with a performance at his Meltdown Festival at the Southbank Centre, London, and the following year he performed with Anna Calvi at the David Lynch-curated Manchester International Festival. In 2020, the Brit returned to the spotlight with his 3rd album Milkteeth, released on Erased Tapes.

Dare's music speaks of his own experiences with universal themes of love, loss and childhood. Most importantly, it creates a sanctuary for those who feel lost and gives a voice to those of us who feel different or out of place. Whether singing of the pain of those in the Irish Magdalene Laundries as on Whelm, describing his coming out to his parents on Aforger or coming to terms with the isolation of his own childhood as on Milkteeth, Dare does it all with a candour and sincerity that is specific to him and a clear vision of his simple but distinctive sound. 

Friday, March 4
Doors: 7 pm / Start: 8 pm