The Third Life of Agnès Varda – Catalogue presentation

Catalogue presentation

Agnès Varda is considered one of the most influential creative personalities of our time - the photographer, filmmaker and visual artist, who died in 2019 at the age of ninety, left behind a life's work spanning more than six decades, in which the pioneer of modern film reinvented herself again and again. Her last creative period - her "third life as a young artist", as she herself called it - has so far been far less well known and explored than the numerous films she directed before. The silent green is presenting the most comprehensive solo exhibition of this last creative period in Germany to date.

Together with silent green and Spector Books, the curators of the exhibition "The Third Life of Agnès Varda", Dominique Bluher and Julia Fabry, present the accompanying catalogue. In addition to numerous illustrations and quotations by the artist, the artfully designed publication also contains introductory texts on Varda's last creative period.

Sunday, June 12
Start: 4 pm
Free admission / Please register here