Architects, not Architecture – Berlin Edition 2022


At "Architects, not Architecture" recognized architects talk about their path, experiences and mindsets. It is a kind of intellectual biography, which allows us to have a better understanding of their work. Some of the architects who have already held talks are Daniel Libeskind, Francine Houben, Anupama Kundoo, Sou Fujimoto, Stefano Boeri, Steven Holl, Richard Rogers, Ma Yansong and many more. 

On Wednesday, June 29th, at 7pm at Silent Green Kulturquartier, three Berlin-based architects will talk about their personal experiences and important creative periods in their lives and, as always at “AnA“, not a word may be lost about their projects:

• Lars Krückeberg – GRAFT Architects
• Ester Bruzkus – Ester Bruzkus Architekten
• Sergei Tchoban – Tschoban Voss

Wednesday, June 29
Doors: 6 pm / Start: 7.30 pm