Right with their debut "Sold Out", KID BE KID beamed straight onto the big festivals and delivered exhilarating concerts to the audience there. Whether at Elbjazz in Hamburg, the legendary Fusion Festival or at the important Monument National as part of the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal, one of the most prominent stages in the world - KID BE KID fascinates the audience with unconditional devotion and incredible skill.

With her new EP "Lovely Genders", KID BE KID establishes her place among the great neo-soul artists of our time. Her songs are characterised by depth of sound and maturity of content. Her unique skillset of beatboxing, singing, piano and synthesizer meets poetic lyrics and rhythmic virtuosity.
Everything about KID BE KID is special. Before her, it was hard to imagine an artist who could play four instruments at the same time without a loop station, grooving and touching to the hilt and splitting her voice into several notes on top of it all. She embodies coolness and vulnerability, structure and freedom, hip hop and jazz in equal measure and makes everything in the room come alive.

Friday, June 3
Doors: 7 pm / Start: 7.30 pm