KONTRAKLANG – Montréal and Beyond

Concert series

KONTRAKLANG presents current positions from Canada's contemporary music scene in a two day mini festival. Similar to Berlin, the scene in Montréal is also characterised by a high international fluctuation and a great diversity of styles that knows no fear of contact.

On the first evening, clarinettist Lori Freedman will fuse a selection of Berlin improvisers live for the first time in her project Being Five. Founded in 2019 on the initiative of KONTRAKLANG, the ensemble has developed a unique approach to collective improvisation over the last few months (and under conditions made more difficult by the pandemic), which will now be presented for the first time. The evening will end with a DJ set by Plunderphonics legend John Oswald.

The second evening will focus on composed ensemble music of recent years and will feature Gordon Monahan's Speaker Swinging, a classic of sound performance that was last performed in Berlin in 2014. Ensemble

Fotocredits: "Paramirabo" ©Lou Scamble, "Lori Freedman" ©Elaine Louw Graham, "Gordon Monahan" ©Daisy Loewl

Saturday, June 4 – Sunday, June 5
Start: respectively 8 pm