Picnic concert: Natalie Beridze x Marta Zapparoli

Open air concert with headphones

In front of the old building of silent green, a huge lawn offers the perfect setting for a nice little picnic and a stage for some great musicians. We will provide you with high-quality headphones, MARS I Café & Bar prepares your picnic package and drinks, you bring your cushions and blankets and together we will enjoy an open-air concert in the summer evening atmosphere.

Marta Zapparoli is an experimental sound artist, improviser, performer, and self-taught researcher. She works and lives in Berlin since 2007 and is active in sound art since 2003. Her sonic work has focused on recorded sound from the external world using a wide array of devices, microphones, sensors, ultrasonic, digital and analog recorders, and in the past four years, she has also included antennas, radio receivers, and detectors. She works without boundaries and with many unconventional techniques.

Natalie Beridze is a Georgian music composer and songwriter. After graduating from college, she initially started making short films and music videos, and soon also focusing on music. In 2002, she landed a record deal in Germany and moved to Cologne where she produced music under the artist name TBA. She has been performing live concerts worldwide since 2004 and is known as first female electronic music artist from Georgia. Besides her contribution to Georgian electronic music and song writing, Beridze works on compositions for acoustic instruments, orchestra and choir.

7pm Marta Zapparoli
8pm Natalie Beridze

Friday, July 22
Doors: 6 pm / Start: 7 pm