Meditations, Sounds, and Devotions


with Moriah Evans, Agnese Menguzzato and Zora Mann

Meditations, Sounds, and Devotions is a performative weekend that tests an altered understanding of gossip - here as the empowering experience of a (temporary) group. With contributions from Moriah Evans, Agnese Menguzzato and Zora Mann, Meditations, Sounds, and Devotions invites you to listen, meditate and observe together to experience gossip as a personal yet collective exercise that produces trust, longings, knowledge and history(s).

Saturday, August 20 – Sunday, August 20
Lawn in front of silent green / Inner courtyard
Day 1: 2 pm – 10 pm
Day 2: 2 pm – 9 pm
Further information follows

Note on attending the event

For your protection and ours, we currently recommend that you continue to wear a mask during your visit and that you test yourself in advance if. If you feel ill, we kindly ask you to stay at home.