FAB Dimensional – Animation Expanded

Exhibition of the Festival of Animation Berlin

In the third edition of the exhibition series "FAB Dimensional", the Festival of Animation Berlin presents animation art outside the cinema hall, beyond the clearly limited and familiar framework of linear films. The medium of animated film per se offers many interfaces to other artistic media such as sculpture, game or installation in its production process and approach. The exhibition shows nine international positions that make it possible to experience animation in space in very different ways, invite interaction and entice amazement.

Artists: Philipp Artus (GER) • BetweenTwoHands (NL) • Maarten Isaäk de Heer (NL/GER) • Ari Dykier (PL) • Amrei Keul & Simone Elliott (GER) • Jelena Milunovic (SRB/GER) • Motomichi Nakamura (JP/USA) • Sumito Sakakibara (JP) • TOHU Collective (ISR)

The exhibition was curated and organised by Lea Brugnoli and Lukas Thiele


29.09., 7pm ­– 10pm: Vernissage (20 Uhr Dancing performance of Simone Elliott)
01.10., 5pm: Dancing performance of Simone Elliott
02.10., 2pm: Dancing performance of Simone Elliott

Thursday, September 29 – Sunday, October 2
Opening times: 29.9 – 1.10.: 11am – 10pm I 2.10: 11am – 8pm
Free admission