We Love Your Mom – Live Podcast Show mit Ricarda Hofmann with Johanna Reuter

Busenfreundin - der Podcast, Germany's most successful LGBTIQA interview podcast goes on tour with the new LIVE programme We love your Mom.

The queer cruise among the podcast fleets sets sail every week together with exciting guests and brings you safely to the other shore. Busenfreundin is hosted by author Ricarda Hofmann, who presents socially relevant topics and personalities from the queer community in an entertaining way.

For We love your Mom, podcaster Ricarda Hofmann and actress Maike Johanna Reuter talk about everything they (secretly) love. From mom-crushes to sex mishaps to the love of petrol smells or cat content - in this show, the fondest of secrets are put where they belong: in the spotlight.

We love your Mom is a show with feelings that can no longer be suppressed as of today. A show where "smash" or "pass" are equally served. A LIVE show you never knew you always wanted to see. It will be queer, it will be honest, it will be funny!

Ricarda Hofmann, born in Düsseldorf in 1987, began writing stage programmes and gags while studying political science. In addition to comedy newcomers like Der Storb and Maria Clara Groppler, Ricarda also worked for established comedians like Markus Krebs or Rüdiger Hoffmann. Ricarda wrote comedy numbers for formats such as TV Total (Pro7), Die Comedy Show (Pro7), Nightwash (Sat.1), StandUp3000 (ComedyCentral), Täglisch frisch geröstet (RTL), Salon Simonetti (ARD) and many more. Her podcast Busenfreundin is currently the LGBTIQ infotainment podcast with the widest reach in the German-speaking world. In 2020, Ricarda was nominated for the German Comedy Award in the category Best Podcaster.

Maike Johanna Reuter, born in Bergisch Gladbach in 1989, studied acting at the Rostock University of Music and Theatre. Since then she has appeared in numerous film and TV formats. For the feature film Kahlschlag she won the award for best supporting actress at the Satisfied Eye International Film Festival in London in 2019. In 2018, she co-founded Ricarda Hofmann's LGBTIQ infotainment podcast Busenfreundin, where she is still a guest from time to time. She lives in Cologne and Berlin and works as an actress, speaker and coach.

Monday, October 23

Start: 7 pm