Wolf Eyes

presented by silent green + Digital in Berlin

“Do you like heavy opinions? Well, here we go. Wolf Eyes is the best and most important band since 1996. Don’t hesitate to discuss but you already know you’re wrong. During the last two years Wolf Eyes recorded and collaborated with a few friends and released those tunes on super limited formats. Difficult Messages collects all tracks and proofs my point from the beginning. Electronic mutant jazz, noisy, rhythmic and wobbly. Zone out, this is the soundtrack.” Bis Aufs Messer

Wolf Eyes is an American experimental music group from Detroit, Michigan, formed in 1996 by Nate Young. Currently a duo, Wolf Eyes are a prominent act within contemporary noise music. In the 20 years of its existence, the group has released 297 recordings. On May 26, Wolf Eyes will release Dreams in Splattered Lines via Warp-affiliated imprint Disciples, which marks their 25th anniversary as a band. The album fuses together their 25 years of DIY electronics with the avant-garde sensibilities of Fluxus and the granite of dreary Midwestern life. Continuing some of the ideas explored on the Presents Difficult Messages record of collaborations, the result is a surreal dreamscape of disorienting sound collages, where hit songs are transformed into terrariums of sonic flora and decimated fauna. As if pulled from a fever dream, the surrealists of the 1960s converge with alien electronic blues musicians in an underworld of mystery. The air is thick with car wash radio white noise, crackling and fizzing like a toxic elixir, spoken word poetry transmissions as absurd and cryptic phrases. Each corroded aural environment is a microcosm of chaos, honed to razor-sharp precision. Swept away in a whirlwind of thirteen perplexing narratives, each one an unpredictable journey through subterranean worlds, a sonic trip of reality folded into itself.

Wolf Eyes’ Nate Young said in a statement, “This record was recorded after we finished the New York Public Library residency in early 2022. We had spent a lot of time in NYC during the residency but because of Covid we had limited access to the Library archives. We would spend 4-5 hours at the library and then go to museums. The MET’s Surrealism Beyond Borders exhibit was a huge influence on this record. Learning about the Chicago Surrealists’ spoken-word poetry performed with musicians was inspiring and affirmative: ‘While Surrealism could generate often poetic and even humorous works, it was also taken up as a far more serious weapon in the struggle for political, social, and personal freedom, and by many more artists around the world"

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Monday, October 30
Doors: 7 pm / Start: 8 pm


A concert by silent green Kulturproduktionen in cooperation with Digital in Berlin