Sarggeschichten – Warum selbstbestimmtes Abschiednehmen so wichtig ist

When someone important to us dies, we are often not prepared for it. Yet it is certain that we will all lose close people to death in the course of our lives. But is it possible to prepare for death at all? Sarah Benz and Katrin Trommler say: Yes, it is possible! The two women run the well-known YouTube channel Sarggeschichten Kurzfilme, die erklären, was man alles tun und gestalten kann, wenn der Tod ins Leben tritt. Katrin has lost many important people in her life, including her parents, brother and daughter. Sarah is a funeral director, grief counsellor and emergency chaplain. Together they face all the important questions about dying and saying goodbye.

What can I say when someone has died?
How do you care for a deceased person?
What do grieving children need?

With numerous illustrations, important information and clear instructions for action, the authors show in a sensitive way what is possible and can be arranged when a person dies and is buried.

The book premiere will also be accompanied by the premiere of the new short film Sarggeschichten – Was kostet eine Bestattung? In addition to the reading and film screening, there will be an opportunity to talk with the authors. Accompanying musical performances will be provided by Sarah Benz.


Tuesday, November 14
Doors: 6.30 pm / Start : 7 pm