Screenings & Film talks: To Show Or Not To Show (Jana Keuchel, Katharina Knust 2023)

Was anderes machen (The Home and the Movie)

To Show Or Not To Show: Point of View

To Show or not to Show is a film experiment by Jana Keuchel and Katharina Kunst in which filmmakers of the 60 years of Das kleine Fernsehspiel comment on and analyse both their own works and the works of others without actually ever being in the same room. “The protagonists give personal responses and offer the audience a wide and profound perspective on showing oneself and being seen in the film world,” write the filmmakers. People from diverse backgrounds come together in the film: different generations, cultural influences and views on filmmaking meet in a studio resembling an experimental set-up. We transfer the experimental set-up to the temporary stage of silent green and let the film continue to roll.
To Show or not to Show  | Jana Keuchel & Katharina Knust | 2023 |103 min | Original version with english subtitles

Guests: Jana  Keuchel, Katharina Knust, Mehmet Akif Büyükatalay, Maya Constantin, Angelika Levi, Jutta Brückner, Sarah Blaßkiewitz, Melvina Kotios
Moderation: Bettina Ellerkamp & Merle Kröger
Film screening with discussion in German language


Saturday, November 18
8 pm
TV Studio Betonhalle
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