Workshop discussion: International Feature Film Co-Productions at the DKF (Das kleine Fernsehspiel)

 Was anderes machen (The Home and the Movie)

For 60 years, transnational storytelling has played a vital role at Das kleine Fernsehspiel. By means of two current feature film projects, we discuss editorial goals and directions as well as production conditions for international projects.
Mo Harawe’s film Village Next to Paradise is set in a village in Somalia: When the village school closes, a gravedigger risks everything to keep his son in school. We converse with producer Nicole Gerhards on the background and status of the production.
Producer and cameraman Juan Sarmiento reports on the preparations and plans for shooting Simón Mesa Soto’s film Un Poeta in Colombia. The script is about a failed poet’s attempt to regain attention and prestige through a talented young girl, which results in a tragicomical journey through the social classes of Medellín.


Tuesday, November 21
4 pm
TV Studio Betonhalle
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