Workshop discussion: The DKF (Das kleine Fernsehspiel) and serial storytelling

 Was anderes machen (The Home and the Movie)

For the Mediathek, ZDFneo and the main programme: Young talent from Das kleine Fernsehspiel goes serial. We present three of these projects:
In the drama series Füxe, the young student Adem Kameri conceals his Kosovar origins in order to get a cheap room in a traditional fraternity. There he is offered the chance to move up in society, but the price is high.
The comedy series Fett & Fett portraits young city dwellers’ attitude to life between being driven and being adrift.
The second season of the ZDF sadcom Lu von Loser started in summer and bears a strong handwriting, namely that of producer, author, director and leading actress Alice Gruia.


Friday, November 24
4 pm
TV  Studio Betonhalle
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